Outside Lands 2015 Day 2 Highlights: Angus & Julia Stone, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar, the Black Keys and More


More than 70,000 people returned to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on Saturday (Aug. 8) for day two of the Outside Lands Music and Arts festival. The evening’s lineup presented a skew of performance conflicts with an overabundance of the year’s biggest acts scattered throughout the park.

Day two also came with a polar opposite climate from the day before, as the drop in temperature and early fog mist warranted for less sunblock and more rain coats. However, this did not prevent one of San Francisco’s best new rising acts, HEARTWATCH, from kicking off the day’s performances with inescapably catchy guitar hooks accompanied by dynamic indie pop vocals.

The feel good beats of Mister Wives kept the positive vibes of the day going on the main stage,  as they warmed up the audiences with a full out stage jam cover of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk.”

Outside Lands 2015 Day 1 Highlights: D’Angelo, Mumford & Sons, St. Vincent & More

The most surprising breakout performance came from Angus & Julia Stone, who seemed to have arrived with one agenda and that was to rock out. They provided exceptional guitar

Live Aid Turns 30: U2, Madonna, Led Zeppelin Reunion & More Highlights


It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed since Live Aid. The monumental charity concert, which raised funds for famine relief in Africa, featured a laundry list of ’80s artists that now reads like a music fan’s dream concert. The event was held on July 13, 1985, simultaneously in London’s Wembley Stadium and Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium, which was torn down just seven years later. It featured a who’s who of rock and roll and pop music with some heavy metal and hip-hop thrown in for good measure.

The huge event was the brainchild of Sir Bob Geldof, who was inspired by the success of the all-star charity singles “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and “We Are the World,” which both helped raise awareness and funds for Ethiopian famine relief.

Watch Bette Midler Introduce Madonna at Live Aid 30 Years Ago Today

Live Aid was a tremendous success, raising more than $104 million that day (it went on to raise over $150 million thanks to subsequent merchandise sales). More than 1.9 billion people watched the event live on television, which was unprecedented at the time, with many recording

10 Ways ACL Weekend Two Was Different


Historically, the second weekend of a music festival double-header is always better for myriad reasons. Weekend One fest-goers will probably be quick to disagree, but my observation is grounded in experience – I’ve attended every double weekend of Coachella and Austin City Limits since their expansions (in 2012 and 2013, respectively).

Each year, a similar narrative plays out: celebrities and looky-loos flood the first weekend hoping to stake an “I saw it first” claim. They believe their weekend is where the party’s at, though most of them — especially at Coachella — lounge around at some offsite house party for most of each day, then mosey in for a couple headliners, imposing a suddenly claustrophobic air on those who’ve stuck it out all day. After all, if you’re wealthy, what does it matter how much you dropped on premium entry just to see two or three bands? The artists know this (if they’re smart), and often turn in somewhat duller sets for those more ambivalent patrons.

Then Weekend Two rolls around and the vibe shifts dramatically: the “scene” crowd largely thins, the bands become more comfortable